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  Announcement of the 3rd SPD Bank Global Innovation Jam 


  Entering its third installation this year, the SPD Bank Global Innovation Jam is established to promote the creation of a world-class digital banking ecosystem. Slated to be held in Singapore during 4Q 2019, the competition this year will focus on the innovative applications of digital scenarios, such as inclusive finance, supply chain finance, wealth management ecosystem, AI-assisted investment research, digital privacy protection and cybersecurity. Contesting entries will go through rigorous rounds of selection reviewed and challenged by experts across different industries to vie for the top 8 spots in the Finals Roadshow. The company with winning solution will have the opportunity to collaborate with Shanghai Pudong Development Bank in the field of technological  innovation as per mutual agreement. Registration is now open with instructions detailed below:    

  Target Contestants: Fintech companies  

  Finals Roadshow location: Singapore 

  Finals Roadshow date: 14 November 2019 

  Registration: Download the registration form, send the completed forms to FintechCommunity@spdb.com.cn. 

  Registration Deadline: 15 October 2019 

  SPD Bank will contact you for further information following the receipt of your completed registration documents. We look forward to your participation.   

  Attachment: Registration Form for the 3rd SPD Bank Global Innovation Jam 



  In 2019, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (SPD Bank) is ranked 24th in the “TOP 1000 World Banks” by UK publication, the Banker, and 18th among the top 500 global banking brands. Since the implementation of its world-class digital ecosystem strategy, SPD Bank has successfully collaborated with technological titans such as Huawei, Baidu, Temenos, IBM, Cloudera, and Teradata. SPD Bank has also achieved industry breakthroughs in the areas of API Banking, Intelligence Voice recognition and Digital Twin Project etc. In 2018, SPD Bank initiated the Fintech Community which has attracted 22 Fintech partners to date. SPD Bank organised two global Fintech Competitions and collaborated with 14 technology companies on innovation projects. 

  Held in Singapore, a renowned technological and financial hub, the 3rd SPD Bank Global Innovation Jam aims to expand the technological horizons of the bank’s financial ecosystem, discover talented tech companies with a unique suite of technological offerings, and provide a ready platform for the advancement of financial technologies in the relevant areas such as business cases of the financial industry, data, domain knowledge, fund raising and venture investment.



  Shanghai Pudong Development Bank 


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